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Basic Mountaineering Course ( BMC) @ NIMAS: Hot Water springs near India-China Border

Before you relive my journey towards the India China Border and watch me enjoy the hot water springs hope that you have read the previous blogs in the series.

April 25 Day 15. ( Move to Mago – 11555 ft, 7 km)

On the 15th day we moved to Mago. We carried all the load that we had ferried to half-link (in two trips) till Mago in one go. ROOksOOk tilted towards 25kg. 

The good part being that we only had to carry this weight for 7 kms.

The negative part being this consists undulating route over 3-4 hills which slithered towards the top of the hill. Breathlessness was a constant problem for me. Once at the top, the descend was very much a relief. Our professors didn’t have a single issue in climbing. All the high altitude trained instructors brisked  through the route and were constantly encouraging our sorry asses.

After a lot of efforts, we finally managed to reach Mago. The Institute had put up at Mago’s primary school which had total student strength of 21 for class 1-4.

Mago School Base Camp NIMAS AMC BMC
The Beautiful Mago school in the shadows of the mighty mountains

The sleepy town saw the Chinese invade in 1962 war only to later relinquish the land due to its hostile climate. We had walked into the area where the Chinese were afraid to stay 🙂

Mago is where I had my first brush with hot water springs. There are plenty of hot water springs here. We walked 2-3 kms to fetch dry wood for the evening & chilled in the super hot water bath on the way back.

HOt water springs Mago NIMAS BMC AMC
Chilling in the natural hot water spring

This hot water tends to alleviate all the pains & is must for relaxing muscles

This water has some magical powers which prevent guys like me from leaving it quickly. I soaked in it till the very last moment possible. Once you get up from this pool you tend to feel powerless like a sack of jelly.

E.T. Phone Home:

On way back to the camp there is an ITBP centre which has the miracle of modern world- the landline telephone. Starting the phone is a tedious process as it requires the generator to be started. Unfortunately enough due to the recent rain the ITBP guys had to toil hard for an hour to get the generator started. I was the first one to call home. First contact after almost last 10 days.  Happiness.

Heavy rain cant stop me from that phone call @ ITBP Mago

The cold evening as well as the exhaustion made the warmth of the sleeping bag a lot welcoming.

April 26 Day 16: Move to India China Border @ Chuna post

On day 16 we took the acclimatisation walk to Chuna (13000ft) probably some 5-7 kms. Due to security reasons government doesn’t allow civilians beyond Chuna post. 5kms from here is the India China border. The route is super scenic .

Chuna post NIMAS BMC AMC near India China Border
Untouched beauties near India China Border

This could easily be the best bridge in the world.

Chuna post NIMAS BMC AMC

Chuna post NIMAS BMC AMC near India China Border

The army base at Chuna provided us Apple juice. What we would have really loved is a lift back to Mago 🙂


If you fancy my cameras

Waterproof cam 

We returned back to Mago walking parallel to the river & were mighty pleased to see the Mago school again. How fortunate would have been the children to study in the shadow of the mighty Himalayas.

Primary school Mago NIMAS BMC AMC
Studying in heaven- Primary school at Mago

Once back to the base, we had lots of free time . My love for the hot water pool was too much as I couldn’t resist an awesome dip. I headed back in the evening with couple of like minded guys to skinny dip in the near by hot water bath (called as Dhodup Chuten)

Here are some moments of river crossing & survival – VLOG 5 – i feel this is the best vlog i have made till now. Have a look.

April 27 Day 17: ( Move to Jeethang- 13340 ft)

Today is another load ferrying session to the next camp of Jeethang. The route was scenic as always, but the lack of water intake on the previous day made me severely dehydrated today . I felt very weak today. Slowly and steadily we reached Jeethang. 

The Unknown & wonderful Jeethang

Jeethang is one of the most beautiful campsites I have ever been to.

The next blog about Jeethang is in works. Follow my updates on FB , G+ INSTA , TwEETER & YouTube .

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