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Basic Mountaineering Course ( BMC) @ NIMAS: The Beautiful Jeethang

Before you  check out this last Indian village (Jeethang ) near to the India China border, hope that you have read the previous blogs in the series.

April 27 Day 17: ( Move to Jeethang- 13340 ft)

Today we moved to the next camp at Jeethang. The lack of water intake on the previous day made me severly dehydrated today . I felt very weak today. However the nature was helping  me get over this by unfolding the most dramatic scenery. Saying that I was awestruck would be an understatement.

One step at a time

Slowly and steadily we reached Jeethang. Jeethang is one of the most beautiful campsites I have ever been to.

The Unknown & wonderful Jeethang

The meagre population here lived amidst snow clad mountains in stone houses.The vast empty expanses had yaks all over.

Beautiful Beasts
I love this place, such warmth & so beautiful

The snowfall in the evening was a game changer.

I love this place, such coolth & so beautiful

The entire area was blanketed in snow and made up for a terrific view. Many guys were experiencing snow for the first time. They were super excited.

Snowfall Jeethang NIMAS BMC AMC

Mr. GOAT on the other hand didnt give a shit about the snow fall.


Jeethang had breathed  a new life in the very strenuous course. The snowfall continued till night. But the surprises didn’t end for the day. The dude from Delhi, Kinshuk was clamouring for yak meat since day 1. Today was the day when Gurung Sir arranged some yak meat from locals for him. We happily devoured it.

The tasty beast

The small amounts of yak meat that we got was finished in the tent in no time. It was tasty , kind of like deep fried chewy pieces of chicken.

We did have the normal dinner as well. The hot Horlicks that we got after dinner was tasting very heavenly in the light snowfall.

Next day we move to Meerathang.

April 28 Day 18: ( Move to Meerathang 14700 ft, 7kms )

The morning unfolded a totally a different picture. Overnight snowfall had morphed the place into something even more heavenly.

Beautiful start to the day
Snowfall Jeethang NIMAS BMC AMC
Need i say anything


If you fancy my cameras

Waterproof cam 

Snowfall Jeethang NIMAS BMC AMC

After taking in the last few eyefuls of the superbly beautiful place it was time to kill the shoulders again. It was time to carry the huge ass 25kg+ bag to the highest & the final camp-Meerathang.

Here are some beautiful moments of Jeethang – i feel this is the most beautiful vlog i have made till now. Have a look. Headphones pls.

The initial climbs were slow as the acclimatisation took its toll.

Moving to meerathang NIMAS BMC AMC
Tired Pitstop

The route was scenic as always and we awaited the first glimpse of Gorichen peak ( 6488 m) easily visible from Meerathang. We had to wait for two more days for the first peak due to the  clouds.

When we reached the camp we had to set up the tents immediately as the weather was getting bad. Windy climate & foreboding  snowfall meant we were shivering as we tried to get the igloo tents in place. No sooner the tent was in place we kept our bags inside and couldn’t resist leaving the comforts of the warm tent.

 meerathang NIMAS BMC AMC
Barely anyone dared to step out of their tent

We were pulled out for the evening lecture on crampons, ice axe and ice shoes. Putting on crampons on the ice shoes was paramount as we were climbing glacier tomorrow.

Dinner was finished quickly as we were back in the tent for well deserved night’s sleep.

April 29 Day 19

Tommorrow we move to the Meerathang glacier.

Meerathang Glacier is where the superb adventure reaches climax. Blue lakes , 90 degree vertical ice wall climbs like Jon Snow.For next part 7 of the NIMAS BMC series CLICK here to read.

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