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Himalayan Playlist, Music for Treks

The Best Music to be enjoyed in the Nature is the Nature itself. Nothing is more soothing than the Nature Godess. I repeat Nothing.

Music powered by Millions of years of evolution

The free bird – singing

Wind – whistling

Leaves -rustling

Water – humming

Listen to the – weather

Hear the snake – slither

Ruffles the bird’s – feather

Cruising at 16,000 ft

Listen to my happy feet

or my heart beat

There is no network, still there is a tweet

Let me get lost

In my own thoughts

They are just so deep

make the ocean feel so shallow

Welcome to the natures concert

You got the lucky seat

All you had to do was climb 20,000 ft


Time to get back with the topic

The best thing you can do is listen to your own thoughts in the background of millions of Natural instruments playing in unison. Mind you the peace of nature has a way to dig the most profound & deep thoughts.

But once you are through all the thoughts and need some extra trickles of music to the peaceful trek, here are some songs you can give an ear to :


Soothing English:

  • Coldplay: Clocks,Yellow, Fix you, Magic, The Scientist, Speed of Sound, Hymn for the weekend
  • RHCP: By the way, The Zephyr Song, Hey Oh , Otherside, Scar Tissue, the Adventures of Rain Dance California
  • Nirvana: The Man who sold the world.
  • If I Rise (127 Hrs), Implosive Silence ( highay)
  • Eric Claption- Change the world
  • Pink Floyd- Comfortably numb, Shine on u crazy diamond & many more
  • Duran Duran- Ordinary world
  • M83-wait, moonchild
  • Led Zepellin- Kashmir
  • Foo Fighter- I Am river
  • Ben Howard- Promise, Black Flies

Peace Destroying Birds: FreeBird ( Lynrd Skynrd) ,blackbird (alterbridge)

Acoustic wonders:

  • Blue Morgan,
  • Sweet Child Oh Mine ( Maxx Sessions Acoustic),
  • Into the wild effect- Eddie wedder- Guaranteed,Rise
  • Hugo- Born Acoustic
  • Middle East – deep water
  • Alexi Murdoch-All my days

There are many brilliant acoustic versions available on youtube , couldn’t probably sum it all. Your suggestions are warmly welcome.


  • Maaeri
  • ( A.R.Rahman version) Maahi ve, Dil Se re,Pattaka Gudi, Satrangi re, Chayya Chayya,ye hassen wadiya
  • Swades- yeh Rasta hai keh raha, yeh jo des hai mera
  • (Kailash Kher)-naiharwa, Allah ke Bande, saaiyaan ;
  • (Raahat Fateh Ali Khan) saaaawarein, piya basanti re ,
  • Lucky Ali- dekha hai aise bhi ,kabhi aisa lagta hai, tere mere sath,jane kya dhundta hai yeh mera dil,gori teri aankhein kahein
  • Rabbi- bula ki jaana
  • Indian ocean- arey rukhja re bande, Kandisa
  • Nadaan parindey -rockstar
  • So gaya yeh jahan
  • Zindagi milegi na doabra- khabon ke pairndey
  • Old hindi songs medley by Atif Aslam and by Arjit singh (find it on youtube)
  • Mohit chhuhan- Mai ni meriye,
  • Laman band- piya na jaa, kaali ghagri
  • Maachis – chhod aaye hum oh gaaliya
  • Abhi mujh me kahi – Agneepath
  • Baarfi- kyon,
  • Saheba – Shankar mahadevan
  • Dooba dooba rehta hoon
  • Songs from Coke Studio

Other languages:

  • Marathi- Ghei Chhand ( This is heavenly) & Man Mandira By Shankar Mahadevan, Garva- Milind Ingle
  • Bengali- Pather Klanti Bhule & O Nodi Re By Hemant Kumar
  • Sambhu (Himachali Folk)
  • Svefn-g-Englar By Sigur Ros ( Icelandic)
  • Blackbird by Martyn Bennet

Motivation when you are tired:

  1. Rocky
  2. Manja song ( from Kai po che)

Probaby should play your Gym playlist for power

For couple’s trek

Every couple has there own song. This are just some of my favourites J

  1. wonderwall ( Ryan Adams cover )
  2. Sochta hoon uska dil kabhi mujhpe aaye toh
  3. Dil kyu yeh mera shor kare – Kites
  4. Kaise mujhe tum mil gaye – Gajini
  5. Tum ho – Rockstar
  6. Bombay Vikings: tera mera pyaar sanam, woh chali, Hawa me udta jaye

Instrumental songs is a grey area to which you can listen to almost everything. Just as a start :

  1. Soundscapes – Music of the Mountains by Shiv Kumar Sharma
  2. Enigma- listen to as your wish

You can also pack some current hit numbers which you can listen to at the campfires as a group.

All these songs are from my perspective and everyone has a different musical taste. Please feel free to comment your choice. Your suggestions on folk songs & songs in other languages are most welcome. Cheers.

Request :

“Your music is your soul. We respect it.

It may be noise to others. Respect Others.

Enjoy your music in privacy of your own HEADPHONES.

People have travelled 1000 miles to enjoy the peace”

Issued In Public Interest:

“Dont be that person who blares songs on speakers”

\m/  🙂 \m/

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