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Basic Mountaineering Course ( BMC) @ NIMAS BLOG 2:

Before you read along , have a look at the first part of the series  Basic Mountaineering Course NIMAS dirang BMC  part 1 . In this part I take you through the 15km endurance trek and on a journey to New Melling enroute the beautiful Sela pass and Jaswantgarh war memorial as we enter Tawang.

April 15 Day 5:

A 15 km Endurance Trek was scheduled today. The rOOksOOk was heavier by 5 kilos to touch 10 kgs of back breaking stuff. I could hear by spine cursing me already. Packed food had pulav & eggs and apples & oranges.

Starting the endurance trek
Clouds provided a pleasant start

We followed the PT route to reach the top of mountains from where we went on trekking further ahead for almost 6-7 hrs. The rhododendrons & the fern covered trees were a treat for sore eyes.

The bark of the above tree with dotted stem was used as paper in early days. The canopies of trees  & the untouched route made for a beautiful trek. The rain god sprinkling blessings made for a pleasant weather. The ponchos were out for the first time & we looked like a platoon on a reconnaissance mission.

Ponchos at nimas bmc
Stealth mode


Endurance trek at nimas bmc
Walking through tons of foliage

The rain had vanished as quickly as it had turned up. A quick lunch and we started descending through the dry foliage. After walking through the dry leaves for hours I was very happy to see some houses indicating the end of the trek.

Once back on the ground we were informed that the trek had ended but we had to walk back all the way to NIMAS. The trek was far from finished as I dragged my feet to the starting point which was about 7 km away ( which also includes the cumbersome uphill walk to reach the institute).

This was now a 22km Endurance trek.

Dragging our ass back to the camp.Finishing the endurance trek nimas bmc

The walk was exhaustive and we heaved a collective sigh of relief as we finally managed to scrape our way back to the base.

No sooner did we reach the camp I crashed in the tent. Later Dep. Director Col. Chadda took lectures on Acclimatisation, Camping & Walking in the mountains. My tired body didn’t want any of this theory. I sat through the lectures with red drowsy eyes.

Dinner & dead asleep.

April 16 Day 6

After the heavy duty trek yesterday, instructors decided to go easy on us today. We had a bit demure PT today. Cloudy conditions made for a super scenic view.

Beautiful day at nimas bmc


If you fancy my cameras

Waterproof cam 

Later we had sessions on Jumaring followed by Glaciers & Avalanches. The previous days exhaustion was still pent up in my body. I almost slept through the lectures. After the lectures we had free time and anyone could go to the Dirang market to buy things.

Next day we moved to New Melling for the next fascinating part of this adventure.

April 17 Day 7: ( Move to New Melling 8642 ft)

The bag needed to be packed with all the necessary things. All the unwanted things could be kept at Dirang itself. My definition of necessary things is a bit screwed, as I ended up carrying a lot of useless things to the next camp. It was probably 20 kgs.

Bidding goodbye to Dirang we were transported to Jang. The route was pretty scenic and the early morning sun lit it beautifully. We stopped at two places enroute, Baisakhi army base & the Jaswantgarh war memorial.

The Baisakhi base has a CSD canteen where we stocked on cakes, chocolates & juices for the days in the wild.

Baisakhi facility centre at nimas bmc
At Baisakhi Base

 After that we gained height quickly as we approached the high altitude Sela pass at 13700 ft. Snow clad mountains reminded us of the height.


Near Sela pass nimas bmc
Near Sela pass
Sela Pass 13700 ft at nimas bmc
Sela Pass 13700 ft
Tarn at sela lake pass nimas bmc
Normal person:”Lake near sela pass” …………. Mountaineer: “TARN near Sela pass”

The next stop some 14 km from the pass was Jaswantgarh war memorial. By the unparalleled valour displayed by Rifleman Jaswant Singh Rawat & his two associates, they stopped the Chinese army for over 72 hrs in the 1962 Chinese invasion. The Rifleman from the 4th Battalion of Garhwal Rifles infantry Regiment was posthumously awarded Mahavir Chakra. The temple like structure built in his memory is well maintained by the army .

Jaswantgarh war memorial nimas bmc
Peace at Jaswantgarh war memorial

The small canteen provides refreshments for the tired travelers like us .We binged on the samosas and the momos. Tea is free . The near by army store has all kinds of clothes to shop. Army caps & bandana are good memoirs.

Bro tip:

Don’t plan to buy trek stuff from here as they may be out of stock. Some guys had planned to buy water proof gloves from here received an out of stock shocker.


Getting back in the vehicle we moved on from this picturesque spot. We reached Jang where we waited near the hydel station for taking the missing mountain gear from the previous batch on their way back.

I couldn’t help but notice the freshness in the returning batch. The fresh air & the pristine nature had cleansed their minds of the negativity which arises from daily chores. Or probably they were just happy to get back into network area. Mobile network tends to weaken after Jang.

Once the previous batch reached, we got extra stuff including the ice axe, new back packs etc. The bag was now super heavy. Just as we started the journey we were able to see the mighty Nuranang waterfall.

Nuranang waterfall NIMAS BMC
Nuranang waterfall

 From here onwards the surroundings start to look more beautiful. Nothing venture Nothing have.We walked from Jang to New Melling about 15kms of road running parallel to a pristine river.  

Jang to New Melling NIMAS BMC
Listening to the river
New Melling NIMAS BMC
Finally after 5 hrs of load ferrying, we had arrived in this heaven

Basic mountaineering course  BMC at NIMAS finally bought us here. New Melling is a beautiful hamlet situated by the river.

  • The place is beautiful. Clouds everywhere in the middle of summer.
  • Few people staying here are wonderful.
  • Rock Climbing was painful. Bruised egos.
New Melling NIMAS BMC
Para Para Paradise…

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