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Basgad /Bhaskargad trek

So there have been no treks for the first three week in November , time to check out some forts. Basgad , Utwad & Hairhar forts were finalised for a day activity . Depending on the time remaining after Basgad & Utwaad , we were to decide whether we still have the time and the stamina for Harihar.

How to Reach

The base village for Basgad trek is Nirgunpada. Nirgunpada is also one of the base village for Harihar.

Ways to reach Nirgunpada from Kasara station.

  • There is no direct transport to Nirgunpada. One can share the jeep to Khodala and change vehicles to Nirgunpada. Takes around 90 minutes if you planning to travel in the morning.
  • We had booked our regular taxi from Kasara to Nirgunpada. we booked the jeep with Mr. Prakash – 9823986233
Basgad Harihar route
Basgad – Harihar route

History of the Fort

To Be Added

On the Fort

Things to look out on/from the fort

  • The Rock cut entrance stairs
  • Half buried main entrance
  • The 2 rock cut cisterns at top 10 minutes after entrance( Almost buried)
  • Another Huge cistern , the only one which had water. From this point you can easily see the Utwaad , Brahma Hill, Kaapdya, Brahmagiri, Harihar. At a distance you can also spot waghera, Kalsubai, A-M-K and Tringalwadi .
  • Remains of a house
  • Hanuman Mandir next to a small pond
  • From the Hanuman temple towards the other side there is a tree which has a buried remains of another two cisterns
  • Moving ahead there is a cistern facing Utwaad


The FreeBird Grade for this trek is simple. Just need a good stamina. It takes almost 90 minutes to reach the top & another 90 to explore the fort

So we took the second last Kasara local to Kasara. The team included Sanjog, Prasad, Omkar, Jitendra, Ambarish, Swapnil Dhumal & Siddhant.  We were so  busy with our trek talks we reached Kasara without sleeping at all.

Basgad Harihar trek
Entire Bogey for us

The familiar taxi driver awaited us at the Kasara station. We set us properly in the jeep and set for the Nirgunpada. We barely slept through the journey and reached the forts base .

Basgad at midnight
Basgad at night

It was around 3 at night , we slept in a small hut after the owner graciously allowed us .It was cold as hell. We snuggled into our sleeping  bags for two hours & started for an early trek at 5 am. You can check  the How to reach section at the top to find the route from Nirgunpada. The Fani hill is at the right side of the road. Fani hill has a pyramid type of structure with the rock at the top giving it a unique shape.

There are many rocks fallen besides the rock on the left side of the bridge , thats where the trek starts .  we started the trek on the route passing through lush  green trees.

Basgad trek starts
Basgad trek starts

Basgad trek

The plan was to reach at top by sunrise. We missed that prediction by almost 2 hrs 😛

Just walk the route towards the main fort with the view of Fani hill at your left side.The Utwaad fort was at the right side

We were half an hour into the trek when the sun had come out.

Basgad trek
Sunrise @Fani Hill

The view was beautiful. The Vaitarna lake shined beautifully in the morning light.

Sunrise @Basgad

From here we walk though the slightly grassy route. The Utwaad fort in the backdrop.

Utwaad hill

Since we were getting lost every now and then we decided to mark the route to the top with saffron markings & saffron ribbons.

Route for Basgad

We continued our walk to the top and the weather was increasingly pleasant.

Basgad Trek

Couldnt resist this beauty

Basgad trek , Harihar , Brahmagiri, Brahma Hill, Kaapdya, Fani hill
Harihar , Brahmagiri, Brahma Hill, Kaapdya hill & Fani Hill

Soon enough we reached the base plateau of the fort.


From this huge rocky wall we take the route towards the right side . we walk besides the huge rock walls for about 15-20 minutes,

Basgad Trek

Basgad Trek

Marking the route

We walk till the time we reach the beautiful rock cut steps.

Stairs @ Basgad Trek
Rock Cut stairs

Basgad trek

The stairs crawl like a snake through the rocks .Some idiots have defaced the walls. My humble request to everyone to refrain from such mallicious activities & and also discourage others.

Basgad trek

The stairs are hidden under the many rocks which have loosely fallen over the years. But we can imagine the glory days.

Basgad trek

Another turn through the rock cut way and we reach the half buried main entrance.

Basgad trek Main entrance
Basgad Main Entrance

On other side another set of stairs take us to the top.

Basgad trek Main entrance

Just at the top are two buried cisterns. Omkar walking casually.

Basgad trek water cisterns
Buried water cisterns

We move to the left side from where we can enjoy the glorious view of Harihar and other forts.

Basgad trek

We can see so many forts

Basgad trek view of Harihar, Brahma, Kaapdya, Brahmagiri & Fani Hill

The Brahmagiri trek was done in the previous month. Here is the sneak peak on the same:


If you fancy my CAMERA

Waterproof cam 

ON the right side we can see Kalsubai, AMK and Tringalwadi. It is captured in the video at the end of this post.

One dramatic group pic.

Basgad Trek
Basgad Trek

This is the biggest  cistern which had palatable water.

Cistern @ Basgad

After this we move on to the other side of the fort to the Hanuman mandir. Enroute we find the remains of a palace ?

Remains @ Basgad

The pond near by the Hanuman mandir

Pond @ Basgad

The Hanuman Mandir

Hanuman Mandir @ Basgad

IN the above pic, the tree behind the temple also covers the remains of few more cisterns. Moving ahead we find a comparatively well maintained cistern facing the Utwad hill.

Basgad trek

we went ahead but there was nothing more worthy to be clicked. So we turned back. The view was mesmerising & found this free bird enjoying this view.

The Free Bird

Here’s  the free bird enjoying the view 😀

The Free Bird @ Basgad

After this since we had another fort to be completed we didn’t rest much and started the descend. One last pic with the main door.

Main Entrance @ Basgad

One last view of the fort.

Bhaskargad Trek

Since there wasn’t much time and as Utwaad would take up too much time we decided to do it some other day. So i headed to  Harihar Fort(Click to Read) for the remaining half of the day.

Here’s the vlog on Basgad trek

Check out the  Harihar Fort blog. The stairs are so good.

Stairs Harihar fort trek

Check out the  Harihar Fort blog. The stairs are so good.

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