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5 thoughts on “Contact Bro”

  1. Hello Bro, here is a mountain lover and a software guy as you are..!! :p . I am trying to admit for BMC. NIM Uttarkashi has 2years waiting and NIMAS Dirang has only 6months waiting i.e. from march onward. So could you please suggest me whether I wait for 2 damn years or get to NIMAS. I am so confused at it. 🙁

    1. Hey Bro.

      A bird in a hand is worth two in the bush.
      If you have that kind of motivation to complete the mountaineering course even after two years then you can wait it out.
      Frankly speaking why do you need to wait for two years for doing BMC from an old institute when the a new one is available. Mark my word only reason the institute has less waiting is beacause not many are aware about the isnititute. within the next two years when more people know about NIMAS it will also have a equally big waiting list.

      Get on the train when the tickets are avaialable. NIMAS would be a golden ticket.

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