I Am The Free Bird

Very Little is known about the bird to the world.

He appears all of a sudden in the mountains, stays there for a while and disappears to his insecure concrete jungles in search of social acceptance.

The legend has it that he is planning an escape from this materialistic world, into the wilderness.

However, he has to feed his families which keeps him from escaping.

So one day the bird had an idea to have his own reality show, for the world to see, enjoy and follow.So he writes down his escapades.

The sun shines, the wind speaks and the bird is off to another adventure

About The Author

In the concrete world I go by the name ‘Niraj B. Bhagat’. I am an Engineer & MBA. Located in Mumbai, India. I love to trek & travel. However since i couldn’t possibly handle that much physical stress in my old age, i have decided to dedicate my immediate glory days to the mountains.

I believe nomadic tribes were way ahead of their times. And we are slowly starting to understand their logic of travelling all over the world and not settling at a single place.

This website is an effort to cover as many treks as possible. So that the future generations can appreciate how beautiful the earth was in the 21st century 🙂

For starters, I plan to cover as many treks as possible in the Sahyadris ( western ghats of India) & the great Himalayas. However  my Bucket list spans the entire world. In the not so distant future, i want to experience the sunrise from the summits of Everest, K2 & Annapurna. 🙂


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Until our paths cross over some unknown mountain, you can say hi to me below ↓. Also you can follow my updates  on FB ,  G+ ,  INSTA ,  Tweeter  & YouTube . Feel free to suggest any offbeat adventures.

4 thoughts on “About The Free Bird”

  1. just a question out of my curiosity..are you really serious abt The Mt. Everest, The K2 and The Annapurna? If yes, could you please help me understand how you plan to prepare for it? (Physically, mentally and financially)..Plz enlighten me…TIA

    1. I have my thoughts set on doing it.The blueprints is yet to be ready but here is a top of the brain recall.

      I think that i have ingrained mental strength which takes priority over the physical strength.
      I trek regularly in the Sahyadris & an avid gym goer. I plan to atleast do the basic mountaineering course within the next two years & go for some high peaks in order to get the body used to the high altitude conditions.

      Financial plan is what i am worried about. But without any sponser, at my current income it will take another 9-10 years just to get the basic amount in place. Need to work on the fianancial part.I would post updates on my social handles.

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